When you need Care Urgently

Anyone who needs urgent care may want to consider going to an emergency care clinic as opposed to a hospital emergency room. There are a few benefits to doing this, including the fact that the wait time at an emergency clinic is usually shorter than emergency room visits. Doctors recommend going to an emergency clinic for minor medical needs such as bumps, ear infections, minor lacerations, a sore throat or fracture. They can also treat hand injuries, animal bites, burns, eye problems, back pain and neck pain. Many people agree, going to a hospital emergency room to be treated for these ailments is a much more stressful way to receive services.

Many doctors who are trained in emergency medicine have been making the move from working in hospitals to working in urgent care clinics. Patients have declared their preference for visiting emergency care facilities because they feel like they will get more personalized treatment.

It is important to know where the location of the closest emergency care clinic is before the need arises for it. For more information about urgent care clinics, contact the Rite Medical Clinic at (909)620-8500 or visit them at 502 W. Holt Avenue, Pomona, CA 91768.