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FREE B12 shots now available at Rite Medical Clinic Urgent Care!

Rite Medical Clinic is now offering FREE B12 vitamin shots!
What exactly is B12?
Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that helps keep the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy and helps make DNA, the genetic material in all cells. Vitamin B12 also helps prevent a type of anemia called megaloblastic anemia that makes people tired and weak.

Other benefits include:
-promotes weight loss
-increase energy
-reduces stress
-promote healthy skin
-Improve sleep
-increase metabolism
-fight heart disease
-improve memory
-improve mood


Preventing Cervical Cancer with the HPV Vaccination

Many have heard about the Human Papillomavirus vaccine that can help to prevent certain types of cancers, but some may not be aware of just how common this virus is. HPV is a sexually transmitted disease, the most common of all STD’s, and as many as one in two people will contract this virus in their lifetime.

The body is very effective at fighting off infection, and most will be unaware they even had the virus because it will produce no symptoms and eventually go away on its own. For some, it can lead to genital warts and cervical cancer. It is even transmitted via oral sex, causing throat cancer in some males who contract the virus. There are more than 40 strains of this virus, and it accounts for almost all cases of cervical cancer, the second most common cancer to end a woman’s life.

The good news is that both young men and women between the ages of 11-26 can receive the HPV vaccination. It is safe and effective for preventing the virus, and thus significantly reduces the chance for genital warts and cervical cancer.

This virus can survive in the body for many years, so it is important to visit your physician or trained medical professional to determine if the HPV vaccination is right for you. Fortunately, the Rite Medical Clinic, servicing Pomona and surrounding areas, can help with testing for the virus and providing the vaccination for all who qualify.


PACT Program Available at Rite Medical!

Pomona Valley and surrounding area residents may qualify for free family planning and reproductive health care. This program, known as PACT is offered by the Rite Medical Center.

Services Offered

This unique free program provides men, women, and teenagers with vital services that include:

  • Prevention of unplanned pregnancy.
  • Basic reproductive health visits.
  • Prevention, screening and treatment of most STIs (sexually transmitted infections)
  • Pregnancy testing and counseling
  • HIV testing and counseling
  • Limited cancer screening for men and women.

In addition to providing most forms of birth control, the Rite Health Center also can prescribe emergency contraceptive medicine.

Who is Eligible

To be able for these service patients must be a low income resident of California who does not have health care or seeks to keep family planning and reproductive health care issues confidential. For more information on eligibility contact the Rite Health Center at (909) 620-8500 or email them.


The Health Center is open Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 6 PM. In addition to the free PACT family planning and reproductive health program, Rite provides Urgent medical care for sudden illness and injury and chiropractic care on an ongoing basis.

The purpose of the PACT program is to prevent unwanted pregnancy, protection from and treatment for most sexually transmitted diseases, routine reproductive health care, and screening, and counseling for HIV.

The PACT program is available to eligible men, women, and teenagers.


Eat Your Way to 100 Years Old

You can work out all you want, but if you don’t feed your body the right kind of fuel you’ll never live a long and healthy life. If your plan is to live at least 100 years, make these foods a regular part of your diet, according to Health magazine.

Fruits and vegetables are crucial. Different colored foods contain different micro-nutrients, so eat a rainbow every day.

Fiber is important for digestive and heart health. Throw away the white bread and learn to enjoy whole grains such as whole wheat, popcorn and even oats.

Eat a handful of healthy nuts such as pistachios and walnuts for a healthy treat for your heart.

Eat fish 2 to 3 times a week, and make one dish an oily fish such as salmon to get those great Omega-3 acids that are so good for your heart and immune system.

Treat yourself to a lowfat yogurt every day. Your bones will love the calcium and the probiotics help boost your immune system.

No matter how well you treat yourself, accidents happen. For professional medical care in Pomona, contact the caring staff at Rite Medical Clinic in person or online.


As UV Rays Increase The Risks Of Cancer In Californians, People Seek Proper Protection

The increase of cancer cases has grown in the United States, as it has become the most common type of cancer affecting Caucasians. In California, skin cancer in the form of melanoma has led to 800 deaths every year, an average of 75%, as it has been reported that 2 Californians die of skin cancer every day.

Protect Yourself From Harmful UV Rays

The best way to protect yourself from harmful UV is to take care of your skin when you are working or playing outside. Avoid tanning beds as much as possible as you can take this helpful advice on the proper skin cancer prevention.

  • Get into the shade: During the hours of 10am to 4pm, the UV rays from the sun are the strongest. Seek out shade to give you a bit of protection
  • Wear a hat: Wide-brimmed hats are perfect for these sunny days as the hat completely protects your face, ears and back of the neck. Avoid straw hats that can allow the UV rays to pass through the holes.
  • Apply the sunscreen: Apply sunscreen generously to your skin and reapply it every two hours while you are out in the sunlight.
  • Loose clothing: To really protect your skin, wear long-sleeved shirts and pants outside when you will be working or playing in direct sunlight.
  • Place on sunglasses: UV rays can cause cataracts in the eyes. Choose a pair of sunglasses that blocks both UVA and UVB rays.

Rite Medical Clinic Urgent Care Focuses On Patient’s Health

People living in the Pomona area who receive minor injuries or illnesses can seek professional medical care to get them on the path to wellness. Rite Medical Clinic Urgent Care provides the highest quality care whether you are receiving urgent care services or free medical services. For more information, please contact Rite Medical Clinic Urgent Care in the Pomona, California area at 909-620-8500.


The Diabetes Epidemic in the U.S.

Much of American culture evolves around excess. Our homes are bigger than they have to be. Our cars are a bit fancier. If there’s a new technological upgrade or gadget available, we "have" to have it. But there are smaller excesses too. Portion sizes at restaurants are larger, and even many supermarket foods are designed more with convenience in mind than nutrition. While some are fighting back and attempting to better their diet and include more exercise, for some old habits die hard. And many who can’t let go of those old habits just — of diabetes.

The American obesity epidemic has been on the forefront of the news for a number of years, and that obesity has led to more and more cases of Type 2 diabetes, which constitutes over 90% of all diabetes conditions. While Type 2 diabetes once happened mostly to middle age or older adults, there are more cases being found in younger people –including children. More than 8% of the U.S. population is currently diabetic, and many don’t even know it. If current trends continue, it is expected that a third of all Americans will be diabetic by the year 2050. But many cases of diabetes are preventable, with the proper diet and exercise. Those who have pre-diabetes can often reverse the condition and prevent the development of diabetes by losing 5-7% of their body weight.

Whether you are someone who is experiencing diabetes related pain, or you just want to manage pain in order to enable yourself to stay active, Rite Medical Clinic in Potomona, California can help. Rite Medical provides full chiropractic services, including spinal decompression and can handle both medical maintenance issues, and offer relief after a specific injury. They also offer many free services related to family planning and reproductive health. It you’re looking for a way to manage pain or to protect your overall health, contact Rite Medical Clinic and see what we can do for you.


Relieve Pain And Stress By Practicing These Yoga Poses

Our daily lives are filled with stress and pain as we do the chores, work hard or play with the kids. To relieve some of the stress in your mind or pain in your body, you can perform several yoga poses that will leave you feeling refreshed. Below is a simple yoga routine you can perform as you can do the poses for the one side of the body and then switch over to stretch the other side, according to Health Magazine.

Child’s Pose

You’ll want to sit down on your heels as you bring your hips down to rest against them. With arms stretched back, you’ll bring your chest down as you lay your forehead against the floor. You should hold this position for 9 breaths.

Pigeon Pose

While up on hands and knees, slide your right ankle toward your left wrist as your knee should go toward your right wrist without touching. Your left leg should stretch back with the thigh facing the floor as you hold this pose for 6 breaths.

Seated Spiral Twist Pose

In a seated position, you want to sit on your right hip. You are going to swing your left leg forward as you bend the knee over the right leg. Place your left foot flat on the floor. Take your right elbow and rest it on the outside of your left knee. Press your forefinger and thumb together with your right hand lifted. Your left hand should be on the floor in back of you. Slowly breath in as you lift your torso, then exhale while twisting your body further to your left. Hold this pose for 7 breaths.

Visit Rite Medical Clinic Urgent Care For Your Health Needs

When you are experiencing pain and need urgent care, you want to work with health professionals who offer the highest quality care and services. Rite Medical Clinic Urgent Care provides free and urgent care services to residents living in the Pomona area as the physicians help you achieve a healthy lifestyle. For more information about the clinic, please contact Rite Medical Clinic Urgent Care in the Pomona area at 909-620-8500 or visit their website.


Safe Sex: Its Not Just For Teens

Today, we recognize the importance of teaching our youth the importance of safe sex. We teach sex education in schools and at home, and there are countless books that help parents bring up the topic of safe sex. While it is important that teenagers know how to prevent sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies, it is also important that adults practice what they teach and have knowledge about staying healthy and practicing safe sex.

The CDC estimates that there are 110 million people in the U.S. with STI’s and there are 20 million new infection cases each year. There are multiple types of STI’s. The most common ones are chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis B, herpes and HIV. It is important to prevent or treat STI’s because they can cause birth defects, fertility problems, and even death if not treated promptly. Chlamydia often has no symptoms, especially in women, and can cause infertility. The only way to discover some STI’s is to get tested. Half of all pregnancies are unplanned, and that is not just for teens, but adults as well.

The only way to prevent an STI or unplanned pregnancy is to have knowledge, safe sex, and access to preventative measures such as birth control pills and condoms. Rite Medical Clinic offers testing for STI’s, birth control, and counseling. The importance of safe sex is not just for teens. Teens often emulate the behavior of the elders in their lives, so it is vital that adults practice safe sex and put emphasis on staying healthy, so that our teens have good role models.


Not Ready for a Baby? Know How to Prevent Unplanned Pregnancies

Finding ways to reduce the risk of an unplanned pregnancy is not as hard as many girls assume. It is possible to prevent pregnancy without avoiding intimacy with a significant other. The key is using the right tools to ensure that a pregnancy does not occur until it is planned.

Preventative Tools

The best way to prevent pregnancy is with the right tools. Alternatives to abstinence are available to girls who are willing to try something that works. Condoms are not the only solution to help reduce the risk of pregnancy. Girls can also take birth control pills.

Although birth control pills will help prevent a pregnancy, the only way to reduce your risk of getting an STI is by using a condom as well.

Emergency Measures

If sexual activity was not planned and preventative measures were not taken, then Plan B is an option. Plan B is an emergency contraceptive that will prevent a pregnancy if taken within the set time period. The earlier it is taken, the more effective the contraceptive.

Protecting against pregnancy is about preparation. To learn more about preventative measures, contact the Rite Medical Clinic.


Tired of Your Same Old Gym Routine? Try Something New!

Going to the gym can get boring, but fitness is still an important part of a daily routine. The best ways to exercise are not always the most obvious options. It is possible to try something new and get the same health benefits.

Using Video Games

The Wii Fit provided the opportunity to explore new ways to lose weight and feel healthy. The game makes weight loss easier because it is not about the exercise, but rather reaching a fitness goal or beating out the computer competition. It makes the exercise routine more interesting.

Get Up and Move

Although the video game is a great option, it will only work if it incorporates the right movements. Get up and work on the routine without cheating. It will have a lasting impact on health and it will stop wasting money at the gym.

Good health is not always about following boring routines or spending hours at the gym. It is easy to melt off the excess weight, build muscle and improve health from the comfort of home. To learn more about fitness options that are possible to work on at home, contact the Rite Medical Clinic.