Triton Decompression System

Patients suffering from herniated discs, pinched nerves and other painful ailments often have good results with spinal decompression. With the Triton Decompression System, patients are positioned correctly on the system, then experience a series of decompressions and relaxations, all on a regulated schedule. The decompression of the spinal column creates a small amount of vacuum between the discs, which can pull the herniated disc tissue back into it’s proper place. In addition, the separation of the discs allows any pinched nerve material to slip out and back into its correct placement along the spine.

At Rite Medical Clinic, we use the spinal decompression to treat a number of different spinal problems. You can see long-term effects with this treatment method because of the increased blood flow created by the decompression rhythm with the system. We can relieve your immediate pain while strengthening your spinal column, lowering your chances of having problems in the future. Most patients enjoy their treatments, which can be scheduled once or twice a week, and some are even so relaxed they fall asleep during the procedure. While pregnant women, patients with screws or plates in their spine and certain other people won’t benefit from this treatment, the majority of patients have great results in as little as 10 weeks.