Time To Decompress

Back pain can lead to a lot of discomfort throughout your life. Every bend and turn and step can be uncomfortable. It can literally seem like a chore to do anything, which makes for a long day and a lackluster life. There are times when you simply need to decompress – as in spinal decompression.

At the Rite Medical Clinic, they perform spinal decompression procedures. What this entails is stretching the spine in order to help with the alignment of all of the vertebrae. When the spine is straighter and the vertebrae are aligned correctly, it can reduce a considerable amount of back pain and give you back more range of motion.

With the use of the Triton Decompression System, you may be able to relieve pain, even from a bulging or herniated disc. This has been an Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved method and is completely non-surgical. With the proper positioning and cycles, a disc can undergo a vacuum effect with negative pressure. The outcome is alignment and relief.

Surgery is not always the answer. Many people have had luck with spinal decompression when it is handled properly. At the Rite Medical Clinic, they have used decompression for a number of spinal conditions – even for those who have had unsuccessful spinal surgery.