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The Value of Confidentiality in Family Planning

Family planning and reproductive health are personal issues. Because these topics can be sensitive and embarrassing, confidentiality remains very important. Find respect and privacy when you visit Rite Medical Clinic.

The Clinic offers a variety of free services to low-income men, women and teens. Consult them when you need contraceptive information or devices, health or cancer screenings and pregnancy or STI testing. Every time you visit, your conversations, information, exam and test results remain confidential.

Why is confidentiality important? Most people want to keep their personal family size and planning decisions private. Men appreciate talking about their contraceptive and fertility options behind closed doors. Women want to discuss pregnancy issues, contraceptive choices and family size during private conversations with their healthcare provider. Teens need professional information and advice from a physician who values reproductive rights.

At Rite Medical Clinic, patients discuss planned or unplanned pregnancies, receive reproductive health exams and undergo HIV testing in private. The staff values each patient. You will receive confidential advice, exams, testing and information about your reproductive health. With the information you receive, make the choices that are best for your life.