Relieve Pain And Stress By Practicing These Yoga Poses

Our daily lives are filled with stress and pain as we do the chores, work hard or play with the kids. To relieve some of the stress in your mind or pain in your body, you can perform several yoga poses that will leave you feeling refreshed. Below is a simple yoga routine you can perform as you can do the poses for the one side of the body and then switch over to stretch the other side, according to Health Magazine.

Child’s Pose

You’ll want to sit down on your heels as you bring your hips down to rest against them. With arms stretched back, you’ll bring your chest down as you lay your forehead against the floor. You should hold this position for 9 breaths.

Pigeon Pose

While up on hands and knees, slide your right ankle toward your left wrist as your knee should go toward your right wrist without touching. Your left leg should stretch back with the thigh facing the floor as you hold this pose for 6 breaths.

Seated Spiral Twist Pose

In a seated position, you want to sit on your right hip. You are going to swing your left leg forward as you bend the knee over the right leg. Place your left foot flat on the floor. Take your right elbow and rest it on the outside of your left knee. Press your forefinger and thumb together with your right hand lifted. Your left hand should be on the floor in back of you. Slowly breath in as you lift your torso, then exhale while twisting your body further to your left. Hold this pose for 7 breaths.

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