Preventing Cervical Cancer with the HPV Vaccination

Many have heard about the Human Papillomavirus vaccine that can help to prevent certain types of cancers, but some may not be aware of just how common this virus is. HPV is a sexually transmitted disease, the most common of all STD’s, and as many as one in two people will contract this virus in their lifetime.

The body is very effective at fighting off infection, and most will be unaware they even had the virus because it will produce no symptoms and eventually go away on its own. For some, it can lead to genital warts and cervical cancer. It is even transmitted via oral sex, causing throat cancer in some males who contract the virus. There are more than 40 strains of this virus, and it accounts for almost all cases of cervical cancer, the second most common cancer to end a woman’s life.

The good news is that both young men and women between the ages of 11-26 can receive the HPV vaccination. It is safe and effective for preventing the virus, and thus significantly reduces the chance for genital warts and cervical cancer.

This virus can survive in the body for many years, so it is important to visit your physician or trained medical professional to determine if the HPV vaccination is right for you. Fortunately, the Rite Medical Clinic, servicing Pomona and surrounding areas, can help with testing for the virus and providing the vaccination for all who qualify.