Not Ready for a Baby? Know How to Prevent Unplanned Pregnancies

Finding ways to reduce the risk of an unplanned pregnancy is not as hard as many girls assume. It is possible to prevent pregnancy without avoiding intimacy with a significant other. The key is using the right tools to ensure that a pregnancy does not occur until it is planned.

Preventative Tools

The best way to prevent pregnancy is with the right tools. Alternatives to abstinence are available to girls who are willing to try something that works. Condoms are not the only solution to help reduce the risk of pregnancy. Girls can also take birth control pills.

Although birth control pills will help prevent a pregnancy, the only way to reduce your risk of getting an STI is by using a condom as well.

Emergency Measures

If sexual activity was not planned and preventative measures were not taken, then Plan B is an option. Plan B is an emergency contraceptive that will prevent a pregnancy if taken within the set time period. The earlier it is taken, the more effective the contraceptive.

Protecting against pregnancy is about preparation. To learn more about preventative measures, contact the Rite Medical Clinic.