Free Medical Services Are Available To Families Who Qualify For PACT

Medical services can get expensive for low income men, women and teenagers. This is why Rite Medical Clinic offers free services to anyone who qualifies under Family Pact. Family Pact gives no-cost family planning resources and services to eligible people who cannot pay the out-of-pocket expenses for treatment.

To be eligible, you must be a low income California resident who does not currently have health insurance that covers family planning, or you want to keep your family planning confidential.

Patients who qualify under the Family PACT may receive services such as:

  • Confidential Family Planning and Health Care: Sometimes you don’t want the world to know about your family planning. At the Rite Medical Clinic, your health is confidential between you and the physician as you can get the health care and family planning advice you need.
  • Prevention of Unplanned Pregnancy: There is a right time and a wrong time to get pregnant. Only knowledge can help you make the right decision. Patients can receive information and medical services to prevent unplanned pregnancies.
  • Reproductive Health Visits: You can receive basic reproductive health visits to ensure you are not experiencing any health problems.
  • Prevention, Screenings and Treatments of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI): If you are having unprotected sex, you and your partner should get tested for STIs, learn about prevention, and receive treatment if you are diagnosed with an STI.
  • HIV Testing and Counseling: Always be tested for HIV if you have been sexually active. You can also receive counseling if you have been diagnosed with this medical disease.
  • Pregnancy Testing and Counseling: Find out if you are pregnant so that you can get the required medical care and counseling for you and your child.
  • Limited Cancer Screenings: At Rite Medical Clinic, you can receive limited cancer screenings as part of your preventative care treatment.