Living Long and Staying Healthy

Living long is a goal for many men and women, but it also needs to focus on a healthy lifestyle. Most individuals would prefer to live long and healthy lives rather than living for years with a sickness. Leading a healthy life starts with eating habits.

Focus on Balance

The best way to enjoy a long life is by balancing foods. Eating a well-balanced and nutritious diet will result in better health and lower risks of developing age-related illnesses later in life.

Lifestyle is a key part of a healthy life and living for a long period of time. It can help reduce the risk of developing lifestyle diseases.

Regular Check-Ups

Regular health care is also important to living a healthy lifestyle. Getting a doctor to check cholesterol, blood pressure and health concerns will ensure that treatment starts early and the risks to health are reduced. Early treatment is often the key to living longer because it catches the health problem before it gets out of hand.

Living a lifestyle that is healthy is the key to a long and active life. To learn more about the ways to stay healthy and active, contact the Rite Medical Clinic.


How Some Food Labels are Deceiving You

Food labels are a tool to help determine if foods are healthy or unhealthy. The problem with nutrition labels is that it can sometimes have misleading information that causes the assumption that it is healthy when it has unhealthy elements. Before assuming food is healthy, look carefully at the terminology.

Use Caution with Light Labels

The term light is often used to describe a lower calorie content. Although it seems like a healthy choice, it is actually a deceiving term. Light can refer to color choices or it might mean that the product has chemical sweeteners or other additives that are not healthy.

Focus on Sugar and Salt

When a product is labeled as light or low-fat, it often means that it has added sugar or salt to improve the taste. Instead of focusing on marketing gimmicks, look at the sugar and salt content. Eating healthy starts with proper balance, not terms that are designed to entice a purchase.

A healthy lifestyle requires some consideration into the foods that are consumed, but it should not focus on looking for the marketing terms. To learn more about the best way to read a food label, contact the Rite Medical Clinic.


Spring is Here! The Benefits of Sunshine and Vitamin D

Fear is often a concern when it relates to health because many individuals assume that a little sunlight can cause health problems. Many individuals overlook the benefits of the sun, but the reality is that sunlight provides essential vitamin D that every individual needs for a healthy lifestyle.

Basics of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a type of prohormone that the body naturally produces with a little exposure to sunlight. The UV rays of the sun provide the key element to producing the vitamin, which is essential for good health.

Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D has two main benefits: it improves calcium absorption and it improves the absorption of phosphorous. Both elements are necessary for good health. The reason vitamin D is essential is the impact on calcium. Without enough vitamin D, it is possible to develop osteoporosis because the body is not absorbing any calcium.

Before assuming that it is not safe to enjoy the sunny weather, learn the facts about the health benefits. Moderate sunlight is actually good for the body and will lead to better bone health. To learn more about vitamin D, contact the Rite Medical Clinic.


Chiropractic Care and Car Accidents Go Hand in Hand

Many people experience back or neck pain after having been involved in a car accident. While not all of them will seek medical attention immediately, it is a good idea to consult with a Chiropractor because they can help the person manage the pain they feel.

A spinal adjustment is a popular procedure for a Chiropractor to perform on patients. It is used to treat injuries resulting from a car accident, unless the person has whiplash. Spinal adjustments can relieve pain in a person’s back and legs, two parts of the body that commonly hurt after an accident.

Those suffering from whiplash will usually have a procedure performed on them called a cervical manipulation. This procedure treats the bones and muscles in the person’s neck. Patients usually feel much better as soon as this procedure has been performed.

It is important that if an accident victim tells the Chiropractor about every single kind of pain they are experiencing. This helps the Chiropractor decide what therapy would be best to help the patient reduce or get rid of the pain.

Everyone who has been in accident is urged to see a Chiropractor.


Google can’t Diagnose you, Consult your Doctor!

When people start to feel sick they tend to perform a Google search to try and determine what is wrong with them. Self diagnosis from someone who is not a doctor is risky and could lead to a situation in which the person eventually requires urgent care.

Aside from medical websites, using the Internet as a source of medical information is not always the best idea. This is because, for the most part, people can say anything they want on the Internet. It is not uncommon for wrong information to circulate the World Wide Web.

Injuries can be more serious than they first appear, which means that using the Internet to determine what an injury is is a very irresponsible thing to do. An injured person should receive medical care if they have suffered from anything other than a very minor injury, such as a skinned knee or a papercut.

Every illness and injury can be different for every person and the Internet cannot determine the extent of someone’s injuries or the long term damage they could cause if not treated.

If you are sick or injured you should consult your doctor .


Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling!

Many people get sick while they are traveling because of the amount of germs they are exposed to. However, there are precautions that travelers can take to try and prevent getting sick.

One suggestion for anyone who is flying is to take a nasal spray before boarding the plane. This ensures the nostrils are moist and therefore able to repel the germs that can lead to illness. It is a good idea to take another dose of nostril spray roughly halfway through the flight. This is especially recommended if children are on board.

Another suggestion to stay healthy while flying is to drink water during the flight. Hot tea containing antioxidents is also useful for preventing a traveler from getting sick. Staying calm throughout the flight will cut down on the likelihood of nausea and vomiting.

When a traveler arrives at their hotel, it is recommended they ask for a room that is hypoallergenic. Some of the nicer hotel chains have rooms with better air quality than the average hotel. This is important for people who suffer from allergies.

Traveling does not have to guarantee that one will get sick if they follow these tips.


What Are Herniated Disks?

If you’re like many people with a herniated disk, back or neck pain, tingling or numbness, muscle spasms or weakness might make up most of your day.

This cndition arises because of a problem with one of the disks between the vertebrae in your spine. When gel-like material in the center of the disk escapes through a crack in the exterior, the result is a herniated disk.

The most common reason this happens is age-related disk degeneration. However, excess weight and heavy-duty physical activity like repetitive lifting or bending are also culprits.

Since emergency surgery might be required if symptoms persist long enough, it’s important to get prompt treatment for herniated disks. Triton Decompression Treatment is an effective way to alleviate the problem.

This FDA-approved treatment has a high success rate. Triton DTS Spinal Decompression Therapy is a non-surgical option. It relieves leg, neck or arm pain by positioning a herniated disk under negative pressure. The resulting vacuum effect pulls the contents back into the disk while stimulating the blood supply necessary for optimal healing.

Most of the time, Triton treatments are painless. Contact Rite Medical Urgent Care today to find out if Triton DTS is right for you and take the first step toward becoming pain-free again.


Young people can benefit from chiropractic care

A favorite mantra of chiropractors is that chiropractic care is for everyone. Properly trained chiropractor physicians believe manipulative techniques can help with everything from stiffness to illness.

This pronouncement can include kids, and individual chiropractor physicians love sharing stories of childhood ailments improved with treatments, like ear infections or asthma.

Even though children’s bodies are still growing, they still can benefit from positioning of the spine. Even babies can receive light manipulation which many say can reduce colic and growth pains. A chiropractor who treats a child regularly can also monitor their spine’s alignment.

Some chiropractors have more experience with children, even infants and toddlers. Parents can ask for more details and familiarity with young people when interviewing a prospective chiropractor.

Reliable chiropractors also should be comfortable referring patients to a pediatrician or allopathic doctor if they believe there is an ailment beyond musculo-skeletal.

Some research, however, concludes that chiropractic care for children isn’t necessarily effective.

A 1998 study of childhood asthma and chiropractic care found little difference from those that received actual adjustments and those who received simulated care.

Dr. Steven Parker, a WedMD columnist, cautioned parents that although adjustments may help, other related holistic methods are unproven or quasi-scientific.


How Often Should I be Tested for an STD?

Because many STDs can be asymptomatic, it is important that all sexually active people be tested regularly. Depending on their lifestyle, sexually active people should have certain tests performed on at least a yearly basis. The CDC recommends annual testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea in these groups of people:

  • Women and girls under age 25
  • Women of any age who have more than one sexual partner
  • Men who are sexually active with other men

An annual STD test for HIV, syphilis and hepatitis is recommended for individuals who are:

  • Positive for gonorrhea or chlamydia
  • IV drug users
  • Sexually active with more than one partner

People who test positive for gonorrhea or chlamydia should be screened for HIV, syphilis and hepatitis because the presence of one STD makes it easier for a person to become infected with another. The CDC also recommends that all sexually active adults have an HIV test at least once in the life. Rite Medical Clinic is one option for testing, where patients can receive access to a free STD screening.


Free Resources Rite Medical Group Wants You to Have

Doctors have medical knowledge but cannot treat patients alone. Doctors rely on the information patients provide to make the best treatment decisions. However, patients do not always how to explain things to doctors and often worry about procedures and diagnoses. The Rite Medical Clinic offers free resources for women that helps inform patients so they can get treated quickly and correctly without worry.

In addition to regular check ups, women need to see doctors for breast exams and pap smears. Many women skip these appointments, but early detection is the best way to prevent serious illness. The breast cancer brochure tells women what to look for and how to prevent the illness. Breast cancer affects millions of women each year, but understanding the disease helps ease fear and increases awareness.

Getting a bad result from a medical test automatically makes people think the worst. The Rite Medical Clinic brochures keep families from panicking by explaining the facts. Those who have an abnormal pap usually do not have cancer. The abnormal pap test brochure explains the result and shows patients what happens next. Most patients undergo a colonoscopy and are treated before cancer occurs.

These free resources can help those who are healthy plan for the future. There are brochures for birth control and staying healthy. This helps women be in control of their future from adolescence to adulthood.

The Rite Medical Clinic knows that patient health is the most important thing. These free resources allow women to take control of their health.